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  • Stability of Wood and Iron Bed Frames Comparison
    • August 19. 2021
    Stability of Wood and Iron Bed Frames Comparison

    There are several ways to define stability. The wooden and metal beds frame with a larger size is harder to hold on a large mattress. In contrast, wood bed frames give you much stability than standard-sized metal bed frames. By the way, wrought iron beds are not as like as familiar with wooden and metal beds. But it will be another favorite bed for you. Therefore, wood bed frames are usually consi...

  • Pros of Metal Bed Frame that You Should Know
    • October 09. 2021
    Pros of Metal Bed Frame that You Should Know

    First of all let’s find out the advantages of using a metal bed frame over any other type of bed frame, especially a wooden bed frame. The first advantage of using a metal bed frame is that it needs very less maintenance. Compared to a wooden bed frame they are more durable and you can use them for long without worrying about the condition of the metal bed frame. Metal is not damaged by insects or...

    • November 19. 2021

    Metal bed frames are sturdy bedroom items that don't need a lot of maintenance. However, they will collect dust and spills through regular use, which need cleaning. If you have a pet you will need to clean more frequently as pet hair gathers around the feet of bed frames. Step 1 Dust the bed frame using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. You can do this when you change your sheets on a weekly basi...

  • Why do beds squeak?
    • November 29. 2021
    Why do beds squeak?

    Do metal beds squeak? Properly made and assembled metal beds should not squeak. If you buy a bed frame from a reputed retailer or manufacturer squeaking is not something you should worry about. If the bed does squeak right out of the box or starts to squeak within a year of buying the bed, then you should definitely consider getting in touch with the retailer you bought your bed from to ...

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